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Animals in Literature and History is a series focused primarily on animals and animal related topics of the nineteenth century.  Published every other Friday, cited articles feature everything from Victorian era cat funerals to Regency era Pugs in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park.  Below are links to past articles.


The Last Ravens in 19th Century London

The Peacock in Myth, Legend, and 19th Century History

The Pet Parrot: As Depicted in 18th and 19th Art, Literature, & History




The Deerhounds of Windsor Great Park

The Scottie’s Petticoat and Other 19th Century Dog TalesFreja, Lady with Dog, 1881 PS3

Charles Dickens and Timber Doodle, the Flea-Ridden Dog

Canines and Crinolines: Victorian Dogs Confined by Fashion

The Dogs’ Toilet Club: Bonds Street Luxury for Victorian Canines

Kissing an Italian Greyhound: A 19th Century Attorney Cites the Law

The Dog on the Train: A Victorian Fox Terrier at King’s Cross Station

Austen, Heyer, & the Prince of Orange: Pugs in Literature and History

The Care and Kenneling of 19th Century Foxhounds and Sporting Dogs

Edwin Henry Landseer: 19th Century Britain’s Foremost Animal Painter

Chaucer, Robert Burns, and Lassie: The Collie in Literature and History

Canine Haute Couture: The Paris Salon of the Celebrated Monsier Vivier

The Dog’s Nursemaid: An 1840 Case at the French Police Correctionelle

Helen of Hearst Castle: Beloved Dachshund of William Randolph Hearst

Tommie, the Beloved Scotch Terrier of 19th Century Author Wilkie Collins

The Dogs of Alexandra of Denmark: A Tour of the Kennels at Sandringham