Georgette Heyer’s Most Beloved Novel

The Thick of the Plot by George Goodwin Kilburne, 1924.

The Thick of the Plot by George Goodwin Kilburne, 1924.

Filled with sparkling wit, frothy romance, and impeccable period details, every single one of Georgette Heyer’s Georgian and Regency novels has something to recommend it.  There are runaway balloons, devoted rescue dogs, kidnappings, duels, brooding Yorkshire heroes, and “that Greek fellow.”  How can a Heyer fan choose only one favorite?  It would be unfair of anyone to ask us to do so.  Nevertheless, it seems only fitting that for the final Georgette Heyer poll we address ourselves to the difficult task.

Below, I present to you the contenders for Georgette Heyer’s Most Beloved Novel.  There are no limits on how many times you can vote and, as always, if you have a preference for another of Georgette Heyer’s novels (The Talisman Ring, perhaps, or The Corinthian), I encourage you to write in your choice below.

The Poll is Now Closed.

The Results:

1st Place: Devil’s Cub with 31%.

2nd Place: Friday’s Child with 10%.

3rd Place: Venetia with 8%.

4th Place: These Old Shades with 7%.

5th Place: Arabella, Frederica, and The Convenient Marriage tied with 6%.

Honorable Mentions:

The Grand Sophy with 33 votes.

Cotillion with 29 votes.

Sylvester with 23 votes.

The Masqueraders and The Corinthian tied with 13 votes each.

Regency Buck with 10 votes.

The Talisman and Faro’s Daughter tied with 9 votes each.

The Reluctant Widow with 5 votes.

A Civil Contract with 4 votes.

The Unknown Ajax with 3 votes.

The Spanish Bride with 2 votes.

Black Sheep, Sprig Muslin, The Nonesuch, Bath Tangle,
and The Quiet Gentleman with 1 vote each.

Thank you for participating in the Georgette Heyer polls.  Happy Reading!

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21 thoughts on “Georgette Heyer’s Most Beloved Novel

  1. Lynn Robb says:

    Hands down, “These Old Shades.” Any woman who isn’t completely melted by the Duke of Avon has a heart made of aluminum. The beauty is he is just as attractive to me in my sixties as he was in my teens. (Maturity is highly underrated, don’t you know.)

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  2. Denisia says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway contest. I’m so happy to find that there is a blog post about this lovely period/ regency time. I picked The Old Shades, because it was the first I read from the lot, and fall in love with the author’s wording, wit, and language style.

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    • Mimi Matthews says:

      Sadly, there’s no giveaway with my polls. They’re just a bit of fun for Heyer lovers. These Old Shades is a great choice, though. And you’re right, Heyer definitely has a way with wording, wit, and language 🙂


  3. juliaergane says:

    It has been so long since I’ve read her (teen-ager into my 20’s — I’m 65 now), so I really can’t say. However, at the time I really enjoyed them. I think I will have to go out and read them again ;-).

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  4. Sue Vincent says:

    I still have the full set of Heyer I acquired in my early teens… more decades ago than I care to recall.I must know them all by heart… and These Old Shades remains a favourite, though if I had to pick a masterwork it would be The Spanish Bride… and Beauvallet for the fun of it.

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