The Quotable Georgette Heyer

Regency Ladies Georgette Heyer was eminently quotable.  From the romantic, to the poignant, to the downright hilarious; her more than fifty novels are a treasure trove of literary gems.  To help celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the first ever Regency romance novel, I will be posting a new Heyer quote everyday.  My first quote comes from Venetia, of course.  You can find it in the sidebar. Do you have a favorite Georgette Heyer quote to share?  A scrap of dialogue that never fails to make you laugh?  A poignant speech that always bring tears to your eyes?  Share it below in the comments section! And if you think that one novel is more quotable than all the rest, vote for it in the poll!

The Poll is Now Closed.

The Results:

Friday’s Child and Cotillion tied for Most Quotable Heyer Novel.

The Corinthian and Frederica tied for second.

And poor Arabella got no votes at all.

Thank you for voting!

5 thoughts on “The Quotable Georgette Heyer

  1. Angelyn says:

    “Garnets?” said Freddy scornfully. “You don’t suppose I’m going to buy you trumpery things like that, do you? Got my eye on some rubies. Just the thing!” I adore Cotillion–every line is a great quote and Freddy has the best.

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    • Mimi Matthews says:

      I love that quote! You’re right. Freddy has some great ones. Like when (after Miss Fishguard gives a passionate recitation of Marmion) he tells her that Lochinvar sounds like a “dashed loose screw” or when he and Kitty go to see the Elgin Marbles and he exclaims: “Dash it, they’ve got no heads!”


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